“Right place, right care, first time.”

Truck Schedule

Please check this website regularly for dates and times that the Food Truck will be at each location.

What is MAP?

MAP is the Multi-Agency Access Program and its goal is to get people to the right place, the right care, the first time.  MAP is funded by the County of Fresno Department of Behavioral Health and achieves its goals through a collaboration between Kings View, Poverello House, and Centro La Familia Advocacy Services.

MAP is a free service offered to all people living in Fresno County.  It provides a single point of entry to help identify the needs of each individual or family, facilitates access to services, and links individuals to services relating to social and health services, public benefits, housing, and other immediate necessities to allow individuals and families to live more fulfilling lives.

The benefits of going to MAP include linkages to resources that will better enable individuals to access the following services, among others:

A screening tool is used to help individuals identify their needs and link them to a variety of resources and services.  MAP staff, called Navigators, schedule appointments for clients based on the outcome of the screening tool, and support success by ensuring clients receive the needed services.  Transportation is available to clients for MAP-related services and linkages.

MAP can be accessed:

  • By Phone: (559) 512-6777
  • Online: fresnomap.org
  • By visiting our offices in Fresno and Selma
  • By visiting our mobile satellite offices in Firebaugh, Huron, Orange Cove, Mendota, and Kerman
  • By visiting one of our Food Truck locations.

MAP Point: MAP Provides the Right Care the First Time

MAP connects individuals facing various life challenges with organizations that provide services to help alleviate such challenges.  This is accomplished by:

  • Providing convenient MAP Point screening throughout Fresno County.
  • Providing an integrated process to simplify navigating through complicated service systems.
  • Creating custom plans coupled with support to ensure long-term success.
  • Providing linkages, instead of referrals, to help individuals in need meet


Each MAP Point is an access point to help individuals and families identify their needs and get connected to the services and resources they need.  MAP Points are located throughout urban and rural areas of Fresno County to serve individuals at convenient locations.  Because the circumstances and needs of each individual are unique, there is no single solution for everyone; each person receives support to develop a custom plan that will have a higher chance of long-term success.

  1. Go to a MAP Point
    A person in need of assistance goes to a MAP Point.
  2. Connect with a MAP Point Navigator for screening.
    The role of the Navigator is to help the individual complete a screening. The screening is a simple question/answer process to help identify the needs of the individuals.
  3. Connect individuals and families to the appropriate services immediately.
    Examples of linkages include mental health assessment and treatment, substance use care, physical health care, housing, and employment readiness, among others.

Benefits of Coordinated Process

  • Connects more individuals and families with the right services the first time
  • Eliminates barriers to access
  • Facilitates collaboration between service providers
  • Leverages existing resources
  • Reduces duplication across systems
  • Reduces individuals ‘falling between the cracks’
  • Makes a true and lasting difference
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